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Embark on a journey to wellness with our comprehensive weight loss program, designed not just to help you lose weight, but to enhance your overall health and vitality.

Transforming Health Perspectives

At PÜR LIFE Medical Fort Worth, we are dedicated to revolutionizing how individuals perceive their overall health. Our mission transcends traditional weight loss; we aim to empower our patients to achieve their wellness goals while enhancing their quality of life. By integrating both medically assisted and holistic approaches, we ensure that every aspect of well-being is addressed, from improved energy levels and better sleep to stress reduction and pain alleviation.

Explore Our Weight Loss Programs

Medically Assisted Weight Loss Options

Semaglutide / Tirzepatide Weight Loss Plan

This plan involves the use of GLP-1 Peptides (Semaglutide or Tirzepatide) to help suppress appetite, increase feelings of fullness, and aid in weight loss. Each patient undergoes a thorough health evaluation with our onsite provider to ensure the safe and effective use of these medications.

Skinny Shot - LipoB

Referred to by many different names, Skinny Shots, or lipotropic injections, are composed of a calculated formula of ingredients said to provide a targeted approach for medically supervised weight loss assistance.

These injections contain a variety of vitamins, amino acids, and micronutrients that may facilitate weight loss, improve energy, provide antioxidant support, and prevent vitamin deficiencies. Studies have shown these components may be effective in boosting the body’s metabolism, expediting fat removal, and encouraging the release of fat deposits.

Hormone Therapy

Often overlooked when looking into weight loss, hormones can play a key part in your ability to lose weight.  At PÜR LIFE, we take a holistic approach and get to the root of the cause.  Our Hormone Therapy is designed to correct hormonal imbalances that often hinder weight loss efforts. This program includes personalized assessments and treatments to optimize your hormonal health, facilitating easier and more sustainable weight loss.

Non-Medical Weight Loss Options

Personalized Dietary Advice

Using our PÜR Body Scan, personized diet and lifestyle recommendations are provided based on an analysis of data across multiple health, fitness and performance indicators.  Our PÜR Scan dives deep providing insight into key every-day well- being factors, such as microcirculation, hydration levels and stress response.  All these results in under 2 minutes for the scan.

Following a PÜR Scan, our Wellness Technicians will prodive a detailed overview of the scan and help you understand all the data provided.

PÜR Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy, also know as Photobiomodulation, has been clinically-proven to enhance skin health, wound healing, muscle recovery, athletic performance, mental clarity, relaxation and sleep while reducing joint and body pain.  A combination of Red Light Therapy and Vibration Plate afterwords helps detox the body and improve healthy cellular function, allowing the body to perform at an optimal level.  This combination helps aid in weight release and healthy skin elasticity during your weight loss journey.

What Our Clients Say

“After joining the PÜR LIFE Medical Fort Worth program, not only have I lost significant weight, but my energy levels have soared. I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle my day with enthusiasm that I haven’t felt in years.” – Emily R.

Real Stories, Real Results

“Great folks, friendly, courteous, great place, feel like I am getting the results I was looking for and it is a very relaxing environment. Always treated well, they have a genuine concern for your wellbeing and that you are seeing results.” – Gregory B.

Beyond Weight Loss

“Finding the PÜR Life Medical team has been a tremendous blessing in my life. After years of battling chronic illness, I am finally seeing positive results and feeling hope again. They are such a pleasure to work with and so very kind. I highly recommend PÜR Life Medical — they have gone above and beyond for me and treat their patients with great care, professionalism and empathy.” – Erin H.

Patient Success Stories

“I was dealing with chronic pain that made every day a challenge. Since I started the program, there’s been a noticeable reduction in my pain, and I’m able to enjoy activities I thought I had given up forever.” – Greg F.